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    User abuse is any form of game exploitation or harassment that diminishes the Combat Arms experience for any Combat Arms player. Game exploitation includes the use of botting or hacking programs, taking advantage of glitches within the game, and any other action that creates an unfair advantage. Harassment includes all actions that cause discomfort or distress for any player, such as the use of inappropriate or malicious language. Both are included in Nexon’s Terms of Use, to which every Nexon Passport holder must adhere when enjoying any Nexon game. Violations are not taken lightly. Combat Arms Game Masters continually moderate games and will take disciplinary action against violators.

    However, GMs can use the help of our players in keeping the Combat Arms community fair and clean. If you witness abusive conduct, please report the incident by filling out a User Abuse Report (accessible by clicking the button above).

    Please report only when you are 100% positive. False reports could result in disciplinary action exacted on the reporter.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    - Combat Arms Command -

  • Support


    What is your Account information and what is it used for?

    Your Nexon Passport/ID and password are used for logging in. Your forum ID is the nickname that users will see on our forums. Lastly, with the addition of the cash shop, there will be a Gift Authorization Code that will enable gift charges onto an account.

    Aside from the many passwords and codes that users will be issued, there is other personal information (birthday, secret question, etc.) that will be used as additional security measures.

    Most users know that they need to protect this information. It should be known that account information is vital to claiming ownership of an account and being able to access all the functions that Combat Arms has to offer.

    When retrieving or changing a password, you will be required to submit the last name, date of birth, and answer to secret question 2. The email used to register the account will be needed to verify your account. Please keep this information safe and submit it only via and never anywhere else. We do not use outside providers; your information is kept here. Sites that advertise/promote "Combat Arms Login" are scams. The only safe place to login and access your account info is through

    This information should be something you can remember, but not easy to guess. We do not recommend writing it down, but if you do, please keep it in a secure place.

    A "social engineer" can work his/her way into your account by gaining one piece of information at a time, so please be careful not to let any of your information slip. For example, do not give your email address to a friend who wants to write to you. Furthermore, there is no need for someone to ask for your ID. Your character name should be different from your password, ID, or email address.

    What is a good password?

    Usually a good combination of letters and numbers. It should never be easy to guess. Below are some tips on how to create a good password. Of course, forgetting a password is just as big a problem, so you should try creating something that is memorable.

    Use combination of letter and numbers and never make it short.

    You can drastically reduce the chances of someone being able to guess your password by mixing up letters and numbers. For example, if you want to use "leetmage" as your password, try changing it to "1337M493."

    Do not use your personal information as your password.

    Your password should never be your name, ID, character name, birthday, or any form of personal information. Your password should not be a word from a dictionary or a simple sequence of numbers such as apple, 11111, or 123456.

    What is a keylogger?

    A keylogger (aka keystroke logger) is a program that allows a person to secretly track all activities of your computer and automatically send logs through e-mail or FTP. Activity logs include sent mail, websites visited, file operations, keystrokes, usernames, passwords, online conversations, screen shots, etc. In most cases, logs are sent at set intervals.

    How can I get keylogged?

    Spyware and keystroke loggers are usually downloaded as a side effect of user action (opening an attachment/downloading a hack). Therefore, the safest way would be to not download any suspicious files. Furthermore, you should regularly scan your computer for viruses or spyware. Remember, firewalls and antivirus software will not pick up keylogging activities.

    Am I being keylogged?

    If your computer has been acting strangely, you should scan for viruses/keyloggers. If strange pop-ups show up, your browser homepage has been changed, or if your computer seems to be running slower than usual, your computer might be infected. Please download or purchase the latest anti-virus and anti-spyware programs and run a scan.

    Playing somewhere else

    There will be times that a user might want to play on a computer other than the one that he/she usually plays on. This might be a friend's computer or a computer at an internet café. However, playing on a different computer increases the chance of getting keylogged. Be absolutely sure that there are no spyware programs (keyloggers) installed, and leave NO traces of any of your information. Log off safely from whatever services you have used, and do not leave your ID or password on that computer. Needless to say, you must check to see if the computer is safe to use before you perform any actions.




    Enter a code to redeem

    How to redeem your coupon code?

    If you received a code for in-game content, follow the steps below to redeem your item!

    1. Download Combat Arms
    2. Create user profile
    3. Go to the Coupon Redemption section under Support
    4. Input your code into the Redeem section
    5. Launch Combat Arms and log-in with your user ID
    6. Check your Inbox for redeemed items

    This is not a redemption page for prepaid cards. If you have a prepaid card code, please go to this page to charge your NX.