Combat Arms 5on5 Search & Destroy - ESL Weekly Cup #16 - Operation Janus Special

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ESL Combat Arms


Are you still looking for a way to get an Operation Janus Beta Key for first-hand experience about the game update?
Why not participate in one of the ESL’s weekly Search & Destroy Combat Arms cups on 8.1.2016?

“How?” you say?

To get yourself started on ESL go ahead and create an account, followed by creating a team and inviting your friends.

Head over to the ESL's Combat Arms section
 where you can find any upcoming cups.
For this particular giveaway you must participate in the weekly cup #16.

Sign up and pay attention because you'll need to check in the last few minutes. Take some time to read the info and rule pages found here
to make sure you understand the rule set used to play and punishments for incorrect behavior.
It's highly advised to watch the videos made by Bearlify as he shows how to get started on ESL.

After signing up and once your matches have begun you can find links to them by clicking on them once they appear here.

Remember if you have any issues or questions you can contact an ESL Admin here.

Good luck everyone!

Team Combat Arms