Roll Call & 100% Bonus EXP

Event Status
In Progress
100% EXP


Get ready for a new year of Combat Arms! Log in during the event period and see your inbox filled with lots of items to celebrate 2017!  

Roll Call: Welcome 2017!
1st relay: Drinking Hat (1 day)
2nd relay:  Safety Goggles (1 day)
3rd relay: 50x 40% Bonus EXP Pass
4th relay: Rifle Carrier Backpack (7 days)
5th relay: Custom Reticle Type 1 (7 days)
6th relay: Victory Trophy (7 days)
7th relay: Player Name Color Change (7 days)

For logging in 10 days (accumulated) during the event period you will receive a permanent K1A.

EXP Event:
Whether you are superstitious or not, this Friday is a perfect day to log in to Combat Arms and benefit from our EXP event.
Starting at 00:00 CET sharp, there will be a 100% EXP bonus that will run until it’s witching hour once again!

Best regards,
Combat Arms Team