Anniversary Offers: MYST-Jacky & Explosive Deals!

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Anniversary Offers


To celebrate another year of Combat Arms, we have prepared some more anniversary offers for you this week.

Head over to our shop between 11.1. – 17.1.2017 and you will find:

800 NX


Any MYST-Jacky can contain the following items:

Legion, Orthus, Andromalius, Azazel Revived, Viper's P90TR, Scorpion's PP-19 MOD, Raven's G36C, Deckland's F2000 Tactical, Hana's MAC-10, Baron's Revised M416 CQB, Zadan's L85A1 MOD, Cpt. Souza's PraFAL, Hawk's Dragunov SVDS, Banshee's FMG-9, Wraith's CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1, Mei's Revised MP7 MOD, Zharkov's AN-94, Lynx's VSS, Hauser's M60E4, Rocco's AUG3, (ACE) P226 Custom, (ACE) M4A1 Desert Warrior Custom, (ACE) M60 Steel Custom, (ACE) PP-19 MOD Custom, Visionary P90TR, Visionary L96A1 Arctic Wolf, Visionary MK.48 MOD 0, Visionary Double barrel Punisher, Visionary L115A3, Visionary The Second Amendment, SR25 Custom, SCAR-L Black Custom, MP5 RAS Custom, K3 SPW Custom, Anaconda Black 8-inch Custom, K1A Custom, MINIMI Custom, L96A1 Custom, MK16 SCAR-L Custom, Desert Eagle Custom, M4A1 Custom, M24 Custom, UZI Custom, K3 Custom, Prison Uniform-Escape/Bloody/Fancy/Orange/Stripe/Blue, Safety Goggles Yellow/Black/Blue, Rifleman's Backpack Yellow/Black/Camo

Your aim is good enough but sometimes you cannot resist the urge to simply blow something up? Then this week’s anniversary offer is just the right one for you! 

Explosive Offers: 50% Discount on permanent items

M67 Frag Pack M69HE Frag-NL
M67 Frag Pack M69HE Frag-NL
3,650 NX 4,950 NX
M16A1 AP Mine
M-23F Incendiary M16A1 AP Mine
4,190 NX 3,650 NX
M69HE Frag-NL RGN Grenade
M69HE Frag RGN Grenade
4,950 NX 2,430 NX


Winter M69HE Frag-NL  
4,950 NX  
Best regards,
Combat Arms Team