Combat Arms 5on5 Search & Destroy - Winter 2017 Tournament Qualifier #1

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Combat Arms 5on5 Search & Destroy - Winter 2017 Tournament Qualifier #1: Prove your worth and obtain an exclusive ESL Cap!

With a brand-new matchmaking system headed your way later this year, it’s about time to work on your in game performance!
Do you think you’ve got the tactical finesse and on point aim it takes to compete with other combatants out to search and destroy? 
Then prepare for tense competition and gather your most skilled and trusted friends, form up a team and compete in this year’s first Combat Arms Season Tournament hosted
over at the ESL!


PCM Search and Destroy, 5vs5 (Go4CA Ruleset), 7 rounds on both Alpha and Bravo (2x7)

You must play according to Go4CA Rules - allowed Go4CA gear can be found
here (remember: your character needs to be male!).
MOSS is mandatory!

Qualifier: Sunday, 12.2.2017, 17:00 CET
Qualifier: Sunday, 19.2.2017, 17:00 CET
Qualifier: Sunday, 26.2.2017, 17:00 CET

Registrations (for the 1st Qualifier) are open over at the ESL’s Combat Arms section, the matches will be taking place on Global 2 Channel 4.

What’s in it for you?
Not only will you get the chance to experience matches so tense, you will not need a Heartbeat Sensor to listen your hearts racing, but you will also receive an exclusive ESL Cap (30 days) to show everyone else on the battlefield what you’re made of.


One more thing – everyone on the team winning the tournament Final on 5.3.2017 will receive an AR or an SR (30 day version, must be available in the shop during the finals) of their choice. Players on the winning team can only receive the type of weapon they have usually played in their matches as a reward.

“How do I participate?” you ask?

To get yourself started on ESL go ahead and create an account, followed by creating a team and inviting your friends.
Head over to the ESL’s
Combat Arms section where you can find any upcoming cups. For this particular event you must participate in the Winter 2017 Qualifier #1.

Sign up and pay attention because you'll need to check in the last few minutes. Take some time to read the info and rule pages found here to make sure you understand the rule set used to play and punishments for incorrect behavior.
If you are unclear on how to join, please feel free to watch the videos made by Bearlify as he shows how to get started on ESL. After signing up and once your matches have begun you can find links to them by clicking on them once they appear here.
Remember - if you have any further issues or questions you can contact an ESL Admin here.

Good luck everyone!

Team Combat Arms