New Shop Offers: Now 100% American Inside!

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100% American


Enough with the lovey-dovey rose-colored weapons and this snuggly mood, it’s time to get back onto the battlefield with full force.

Starting today, we’ve got a brand-new item in store for you:

MYST-Eternity (Cosmetic) -
Every cosmetic item you can get is
3,900 NX


Did you think the Superbowl items last week were all there was going to be? Heck no, there is more where those came from! This week we have some equally stylish and deadly weapons and gear prepared for you that are definitely 100% American inside!
100% American

30% Discount on the following American weapons/gear:

Star Spangled Hat (Red/White)

Old Glory Knife
The Second Amendment
M107CQ Old Glory
American Eagle
Uncle Sam Hat
The Most American Package
The Most American Recon Vest

You’re not feeling it? Then maybe you’ll find something in our Winter clearance sale! What do you think – anything you might need?

MYST-Sovereign & Lucky Bag +

MYST-Lucky Bag+ MYST-Mega 5
MYST-Luckybag + MYST-Mega 5
29,900 NX 3,500 NX
Mythic Weapon License
MYST-Sovereign+ Mythic License (tripled chance to get a permanent license!)
9,900 NX 2,100 NX
Janine's World Package
Janine's World Package
59,000 NX

Designer K's Explosive Package
Designer K's Explosive Package
23,000 NX
18,400 NX

Max's Gold Weapon Package
Max's Gold Weapon Package
16,900 NX

From 20.2.2017 until 28.2.2017, all Set Packages are discounted by 30%!
Which packages does that include? Check the following list!
Snake Set Package
Hauser Set Package
Rocco Set Package
Phoenix Set Package
XMAS Swag: Sweater Set Package (Green, Black, Red)

Combat Arms Team