Combatpoly & one last Winter Roll Call

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Winter is slowly coming to an end, so this is your last chance to flaunt our cool Winter gear.

Winter Roll Call

 Login and head into battle each day to unlock our cool Winter goodies!

1st relay Snowman Head (1d, 350NX)

2nd relay Winter Ballistic Helmet (1d, 350 NX)
3rd relay Bonus EXP Pass (40%) (50, 950NX)
4th relay Custom Reticle Type 1 (7d, 900NX)
5th relay Transparent Backpack (7d, 950NX)
6th relay Snowman Bomb (7d, 1400NX)
7th relay Winter M69HE Frag-NL (7d, 1400NX)

For logging in 10 days (accumulated) during the event period you will receive a weatherproof (unfortunately not bulletproof) Winter Recon Vest (7d).

Winter Combatpoly
Combatpoly is back and this time you can unlock extremely powerful weapons! Simply use the Combat Dice, which you can get for completing Daily Jobs or for logging into and playing the game! Every day, you will receive 2 Combat Dice for logging in, while the Daily Jobs provide you with another 2 and 3 Dice.

So let’s take a look at the weapons you can obtain:


Lightning SG50 CORE Sea Camo M4A1 SOPMOD
Lightning SG50 CORE Sea Camo M4A1 SOPMOD CORE
Visionary AK-47 Gold-Plated P90 TR
Visionary AK-47 Gold-Plated Visionary P90TR

Aren’t they just what you needed to leave this Winter a stronger and deadlier soldier? Log into the game now and roll the dice!

Combat Arms Team