Reporting in: Lead Farmer Event: 5-Shot & Roll Call!

Event Status

We hope you’re not too exhausted after trying out Operation Janus, because we have prepared quite the bunch of events to go along with the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Don’t miss out on this week’s events!

St. Patrick's Recon Vest

Lead Farmer Event:
Everyone who logs in during the event period of the Lead Farmer Event can choose to receive one out of three rewards in total if the necessary conditions are fulfilled.

Tier 1:
For logging in, you will get the opportunity to claim a Leprechaun's Bard (Cosmetic) (1d).

Depending on the time you spend in game, you can unlock two more rewards for farming that lead, but careful – you can only take one!

Tier 2:
After 30 minutes of playtime you can choose to pick a Leprechaun's Hat (1d) or you can wait until you have fulfilled the conditions for

Tier 3:
Accumulate 60 minutes of playtime and choose to receive a St. Patrick's Recon Vest (1d).

You can only pick one of these per day, not all! Once you decide to e.g. pick the Leprechaun's Bard, you cannot claim the Leprechaun's Hat or the St. Patrick's Recon Vest anymore, at least for that day.

Reinforcements Incoming – March Roll Call

1st Relay: Light Vest (1d, 490NX)
2nd Relay Anti-Flash Goggles (1d, 400NX)
3rd Relay Bonus GP Pass (200%) (10, 1000NX)
4th Relay Ophelia (1d, 1140NX)
5th Relay Codename Viper (1d, 1650NX)
6th Relay Bonus EXP (200%)+GP (100%) Pass (10, 1320 NX)
7th Relay Spec Ops Mei (1d, 1140NX)
For logging in 10 days (accumulated) during the event period you will receive Codename Lynx (7d, 6300NX).

5 Shot
Reinforcements Incoming - March 5-Shot Event

The 5-Shot Event returns with amazing rewards!
Collect one 5-Shot Case for every day you log in, another three 5-Shot Cases for 20 mins spent on playing a job and another four 5-Shot Cases for playing 30 mins!

Here are a few highlights from the 5-Shot board:

Completing First Horizontal Row: Hexagon L96A1 Magnum CORE+ (1 day)
Completing Fourth Vertical Row: Bush AT-22 (1 day)
Collecting 5 Numbers: Supply Case GP - Risk
Collecting 10 Numbers: MYST-Weapon AR
Collecting 25 Numbers: MYST-Weapon SR

Weekend EXP
1.3. – 31.3.2017
Our weekend boosts continue – every weekend during March you will benefit from a 100% EXP & GP bonus.
St. Patrick's EXP Bonus
To make sure you reach that end of the rainbow, we're supporting you with another full 100% EXP bonus from 17.3.2017 (12:00 CET) until 19.3.2017 (12:00 CET). Yes, that does mean that you will have a whopping 200% EXP/GP bonus in total on Saturday!
Login Event
15.3.2017 and 21.3.2017
Everyone who logs in between 15.3.2017 and 21.3.2017 will receive two permanent cosmetic items – Souza’s Glasses and an EOD Suit. Enjoy!

Combat Arms Team