Down with the Red Hawks - Reclaim Warcorp's Territory!

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Attack on Warcorp

Attack on Warcorp!
17.5. - 20.6.2017

Over the past weeks, devastating battles have been fought between Warcorp and Red Hawk, but in the end, Red Hawk managed to deliver several devastating blows to Warcorp and get the upper hand.
To prevent Warcorp from communicating with and rearming their troops, as well as supplying reinforcements with weapons, Red Hawk has successfully performed a raid on Warcorp’s headquarters. The armory and the central intelligence unit have suffered massive attacks and the Warcorp operators and Bubba have been taken hostage.

Other strikes are already being set up - Red Hawk mercenaries are planting bombs in Warcorp-controlled locations for their final attack. If Red Hawk continues to beat Warcorp defense systems, Oil Rig, Junk Flea, Water Strider, Battle at City Center, Neptune and Tower Bridge will be blown up.
WaterSTrider Bomb

Down with the Red Hawks
17.5. - 30.5.2017

Warcorp needs to reclaim its territory and it’s up to you to make it happen.
Everyone who logs in and fights for at least 60 minutes on at least 9 days (aka completes a total of at least 9 daily jobs) will receive a permanent Name Background Change.
To check if you are on your way to enough daily jobs finished, you will receive a Red Hawk Badge for every multi-daily job you have finished.

But there is more that needs to be done to contribute to the fight!

Every day between 16:00 and 08:00 CEST, you will get the chance to eliminate Red Hawk troops in all modes (except for Fireteam, Spyhunt, Quarantine Regen and VIP Escort).
Every brave soldier who kills at least 50 Red Hawk mercenaries over the span of 6 days during the 15 day event period will receive the brand-new and exclusive Ghost Shark Backpack (permanent).

Ghost Shark Backpack

It’s Combat Arms - Week 3

To unlock a Helmet matching your stylish Ghost Shark Backpack, you just need to login and make 250 Kills between 17.5. and 23.5.2017 and the unique Ghost Shark Helmet (permanent) will be yours as well.

Ghost Shark Helmet
What do you think? Are we keeping you busy this week? Log into the game now and start working on your rewards!

Kind regards,
the Combat Arms Team