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Only available between 17.5. and 23.5.2017
MYST-Eternity +
MYST-Eternity +
5,450 NX
This Supply Case contains a wide selection of Bronze Level and Silver Level permanent weapons. A guaranteed permanent primary weapon in every case! NOTE: if you receive a permanent weapon you already own, you can sell it back for GP.\nThis Plus Case provides 1x Permanent Weapon Mod additionally.

3-Star Silver Weapons: 65% Discount
Get yours  now - only available between 17.5. and 23.5.2017!
(ACE) AA-12 (ACE) ACR Sandfire
(ACE) AA-12 (ACE) ACR Sandfire
6,970 NX 8,720 NX
"This rapid-fire shotgun equipped with a drum magazine is known for its minimal recoil and high level of accuracy." "Built with an ACR base, the ACR Sandfire features a camouflage exterior that is highly useful in specialized combat operations."
(ACE) AK-12
(ACE) AK-47 Gold-Plated
Ak-12 AK-47 Gold-Plated
8,720 NX 8,720 NX
"A Russian-produced upgrade to the AK-47. Sports comparable stopping power and accuracy to the AK-74." "You know you've made it as a mercenary when your gun is gold-plated. This weapon performs on par with the standard AK-47."
(ACE) AN-94 (ACE) Anaconda Gold
AN-94 Anaconda Gold
8,720 NX 3,470 NX
"Developed to replace the AK-74, the AN-94 is currently used exclusively by Special Forces. Its two-round burst fire system makes it particularly lethal at long range." "An upgraded model of the Anaconda that keeps the overall advantages of its predecessor while dramatically enhancing the rate of fire."
(ACE) DSR-1 Subsonic (ACE) F2000 Tactical
DSR Subsonic F2000 Tactical
10,470 NX 8,720 NX
"A modified version of DSR-1 equipped with a silencer. It uses subsonic rounds to provide bullet speed close to the speed of sound." "A modified version of the F2000 that has been upgraded to allow for increased customization."
8,720 NX 8,720 NX
  "A modified version of the FAMAS that has improved stability and damage dealing capabilities. This rifle also comes fully equipped with a suppressor and HDS-4 Reflex Sight."

(ACE) Groza (ACE) Jackhammer
GROZA Jackhammer
8,720 NX 6,970 NX
"This AR has been enhanced for portability and power. Though it is difficult to wield, this can be a deadly force in the right hands." "The Jackhammer is a highly destructive concept shotgun. Unlike the slow firing speed of most shotguns, the Jackhammer's gas-powered reload system allows it to fire rounds at high speed, annihilating anything in its path."
10,470 NX 3,470 NX
"Standard-issue sniper rifle from Turkey, more than capable of blowing a grapefruit-sized hole in anyone downrange." "An advanced model of the K5 that comes equipped with a suppressor, improving on the K5's level of accuracy and kickback."
(ACE) KH2002 (ACE) KNT-308
KH2002 KNT-308
8,720 NX 10,470 NX
"Hailing from Iran, the KH2002 is a standard issue rifle for its military forces. Despite appearances it isn't a modified FAMAS, instead built as a bullpup modification of the DIO S-5.56 assault rifle with a history leading back to the M16 series of service weapons."
"The first sniper rifle manufactured completely in Turkey, this remarkable weapon is exceptionally accurate and surprisingly light. It features 7.62mm rounds loaded via 5-round magazines and a bolt-action mechanism."
(ACE) Kriss SpecOps (ACE) KSG
Kriss SpecOps KSG
8,720 NX 6,970 NX
"A modified version of the Kriss that features an integrated dot-sight and a suppressor. The stability, damage potential and magazine have all been enhanced."

"Hailing from the US, this shotgun sports an innovative design of twin magazines, allowing the KSG to be compact in length but ready to unload 14 shells in succession."
(ACE) L115A3  (ACE) L85A1 MOD
L115A3 L85A1
10,470 NX 8,720 NX
"Integrated with a suppressor to help obscure the sniper's location, the L115A3 further improves on the abilities of this powerful line of sniper rifles." "An upgraded model of the L85A1 designed to improve damage and utilize an attached scope."
(ACE) MG42 Steel (ACE) Mini UZI
MG42 Steel Mini UZI
6,970 NX 8,720 NX
"A modern facelift for a classic machine gun, the MG42 Steel has been reassembled with a steel parts that gives this classic armament a real presence on the battlefield." "A modified UZI with a folding stock for portability."
(ACE) P226 (ACE) P226 Silver
P226 P226 Silver
3,470 NX 3,470 NX
"This modern service pistol, popular amongst PMC soldiers, is known for its accuracy and powerful shots "A custom-built P226 pistol with a silver slide. Has the same capabilities and functions as the P226."
8,720 NX 6,970 NX
"Part of the M16 and M4 family of rifles, its new 6.8mm rounds give the REC7 powerful fire without a massive kick." "This model of the SAIGA 20k has been customized for urban combat and retooled to increase damage."
(ACE) SCAR-L Trispear  
SCAR-L Trispear  
8,720 NX  
"A specially modified version of the SCAR-L marked with a Special Forces seal engraving. Performs on par with the standard SCAR-L."  
JSF PP-2000 CREED PP-2000
JSF PP-2000 Creed PP-2000
36,860 NX 36,860 NX
"A Russian-designed SMG that uses 9mm armor piercing rounds. The folding stock makes it extremely easy to get around."  "A Russian-designed SMG that uses 9mm armor piercing rounds. The folding stock makes it extremely easy to get around." 
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