• 1.Kill/Death

    Every time a kill is scored, the player who made the kill, the weapon used, and the player killed will be displayed here.
  • 2.Superlatives

    Kill streaks and special player performances will be displayed here.

  • 3.Team Indicator and Scoreboard

  • 4.Radar /Map

  • 5.Currently Selected Weapon/Other Available Weapons of This Type

  • 6.Current Weapon's Ammo Count/Fire Mode

  • 7.Player's Health (HP) and Armor Points (AP)

    Shows how close you are to death. The light blue bar below shows how much stamina you have left for sprinting.
  • 8.Chat Box

  • 9.Player Communications

    Player messages and radio callouts, as well as player exits and entrances, will be displayed here.
  • 10.Target Reticule


Mouse Controls

  • Aim
    Mouse Movement
  • Fire
    Left Mouse Button
  • Use Sights
    Right Mouse Button

Character Movement

  • W -Move Forward
  • Space -Jump
  • S -Move Backward
  • Shift -Sprint
  • A -Strafe Left
  • Ctrl -Crouch
  • D -Strafe Right
  • C -Toggle Run/Walk

Combat Actions

  • E -Action (Open Door/Pick Up Weapon/Disarm Bomb)
  • 4 -Select/Toggle Support Weapon(s)
  • R -Reload
  • 6 -Select Mission Equipment
  • 1 -Select/Toggle Primary Weapon(s)
  • F -Toggle Fire Mode
  • 2 -Select/Secondary Weapoon(s)
  • M -Map
  • 3 -Select/Toggle Melee Weapon(s)

Radio Message

  • V -Reply
  • B -Situation
  • N -Request


  • ] -Decrease Mouse Sensitivity
  • Tab -Scoreboard
  • [ -Increase Mouse Sensitivity
  • Enter -Talk