[Bug] Completion of Daily Jobs currently not possible

Dear Soldiers,

Today a bug occurred that is preventing you from completing your Daily Jobs. Your play time is being tracked and you are asked to choose your reward after fulfilling the requirements, but as soon as you want to confirm your reward and complete the job, the completion window disappears.

We are aware of this and currently working on a fix for this bug. We are also aware that especially with the Scorpions vs. Spiders event that requires you to dutifully complete all your daily jobs in order to qualify for the event rewards this is a troublesome issue for you.

Since we have no estimated time for the fix at hand right now, we would like to let you know that regardless of how long this bug persists

                - your daily play time will be tracked by us and counted towards the Scorpions vs Spiders event.

This means that if you e.g.
play 45 minutes Combat Arms today, your play time will be registered as two daily jobs internally, even though you cannot complete the job in game.
On top of that, during the next maintenance we will send everyone randomly picked daily job rewards in the amount equivalent to the daily jobs theoretically completed based on your playtime.

We will keep you updated with the progress on this and are very sorry for this inconvenience but please rest reassured knowing that you will not lose anything from this situation.

Best Regards,
Team Combat Arms