Preview: Matchmaking System



Nothing is more thrilling than a well-balanced battle. Having to give everything to defeat the enemy team and then making it is probably one of the most rewarding experiences Combat Arms has to offer.
As you know, we’ve been making multiple adjustments over the last few months in order to accommodate the community’s demand for a more competitive game. Some of these may have been difficult to understand without context. Therefore, we'd like to share some information about a feature we are currently working on.

In order to bring a more balanced experience to all players, we are currently working on a Matchmaking system, which will make it easier for you to find well-balanced matches in many regards. We would like to share two examples of how you will benefit from this system:
Balanced Skill Level
Players will be matched based on their skill level, which will constantly be reevaluated during gameplay. When you use the matchmaking system for the first time, you will be rated during the first few matches. Afterwards, your skill level will be recalculated constantly, so that the system can always match you with equally skilled team mates and opponents.

Balanced Connection Quality
A complain we hear frequently is that players find themselves in laggy matches where they experience a lot of delay, which leads to a less pleasant game experience. The Matchmaking system will take your connection quality into consideration when matching you with team mates and opponents, thereby reducing latency issues.
During the introduction of this new system, the current server-based system will be phased out. You will, of course, still be able to open your own custom rooms, but the Matchmaking system will be an important part of competitive gameplay. Due to this change, some currently existing items may work in a different way than they do at the moment. We will keep you updated regarding any item changes necessary to accommodating the introduction of the Matchmaking system.

We are excited to release more information about our plans for Combat Arms in 2016!

Best regards,
Combat Arms Team