Cleaning the Barracks: Longer Rental Periods, Ghost HiSec Removal, and Bug Fixes


While we’re preparing the biggest update in Combat Arms history, we haven’t forgotten about some of the ongoing issues. Let’s first take a look at the Ghost HiSec Case removal announced previously:

Ghost HiSec Case Removal
From 21.09.2016 on, Ghost HiSec Cases will no longer drop in-game. We’ve been following your feedback closely and know that many of you are concerned about the compensation for your existing Keys and the replacement of this concept overall. Before we go into more detail regarding these concerns, we’d like to share some background information regarding this decision:

If you’ve been following our social media, website, and forum communication, you’ve heard the word “competitive” a lot recently. Many of you have made excellent suggestions regarding pushing the competitive factor of Combat Arms more and we highly appreciate that. The Ghost HiSec Case removal has a similar motivation as other recent adjustments:

We believe they distract from gameplay in a drastic way. When you’re finally breaking through enemy defenses and sending one enemy after another to the respawn screen, you should be able to focus on exactly that, instead of having a case pop up in front of you while you’re aiming at someone’s head. We believe that this change will help create a more straight-forward gameplay experience without distractions.

In terms of compensation, we’ve decided to also take a straight-forward approach, which we believe to also be the fairest solution: During the maintenance on 21.09.2016, you’ve received one Ghost HiSec Case for each Ghost HiSec Key you still own. This will allow you to use up all keys you have while receiving the same rewards you otherwise would have. Please note that you’ll receive this amount of Cases regardless of how many you already own. So if you have 20 Keys and 5 Cases, you’ll receive 20 Cases for your 20 Keys, leaving you with a spare 5 Cases. Please feel free to discard these Cases, as there will be no future use for them.

As we announced previously, we don’t want to get rid of the concept of GP boxes entirely, which is why we are replacing the Ghost HiSec Case with the new MYST-Ghost Case, which contains the exact same rewards as the Ghost HiSec Case and is available for the exact same price (700 NX / 4,500 GP). In short, you can now directly grab a case from the shop and open it instead of having to hunt for it in-game!
*Please note that the release of these new Ghost Cases had to be delayed due to technical difficulties. We are planning to release it as soon as possible and will keep you updated.

Rank Unlock Removal
We’ve removed the Rank requirements for certain rental items. You can now rent all available items in the shop, no matter your rank! This was done to allow lower-level users to access more powerful weapons right away.

Higher GP Gains up to Rank CSM V
Users up to rank Command Sergeant Major V will now receive 300% Bonus GP Passes as rankup rewards. Furthermore, they will be able to complete daily jobs where they can obtain Bonus GP passes. This has been implemented to make sure that lower-rank players also have the opportunity to make full use of the rental system.

Please note that there is currently a bug in the item description of these passes, listing their quantity as a duration. This will be fixed with the next update.
Other than these quality-of-life improvements, the following bug fixes have been implemented:

- The Rank Camouflage now does not affect your Clan Emblem anymore.
- A glitching spot on Silent Square, where humans could hide from zombies, has been fixed.
- The Brazil M18 Smoke Effect has been fixed.
- First-Aid Kits cannot be thrown into the wall at the spawn point on Silent Square anymore.

Gold Coin and Exclusive Pass Coin Phased Out
We’ve received feedback in the past regarding the long wait times for rewards when using roulette coins. Therefore, we’ve decided to simplify the usage for the most common coins currently in game, the Gold Coin and the Exclusive Pass Coin. You will receive a message when you log in, saying that your coins have expired, but don’t worry. After the maintenance on 21.09.2016, both of these coins will have been replaced in your inventory and inbox. Instead of the coins, you will find boxes. These boxes contain the same rewards as the roulette for the respective coins, but they are much faster to open. We hope this makes receiving rewards just that extra bit more enjoyable!

Stay tuned for news on future updates!

Best regards,
Combat Arms Team