Cleaning the Barracks: Account Infractions & Suspensions Revised

Dear Soldiers,

We sincerely hope all of you have enjoyed the recent holiday and new year’s celebrations and are as stoked as we are to enter another year of Combat Arms. This month marks the beginning of a great new year for Combat Arms. We have so many changes and improvements to the game lined up for 2017, it’s hard for us to not already give it all away now.

Based on your feedback, there were several steps and decisions we have looked into again in order to fully embrace our goal to #makeCAgreatagain.
Due to continuous player feedback we have revised our long-serving ban rules and the ban system in general.

While the so called “Dishonor Lists” have been an established item in the history of Combat Arms and we understand that on a personal level you like to read about what happened to your reports, we do not feel this kind of “public display” contributes to a healthy and enjoyable game climate. The Dishonor Lists are no longer available to the general public, as in-game sanctions and bans are a matter exclusively to be handled and discussed by Nexon staff and the affected player.

The Combat Arms team in its sole and absolute discretion will take any action deemed necessary to preserve the integrity of Combat Arms. Violation of any of the Terms of Use, the Code of Conduct or the End User License Agreement may result in actions being taken by Nexon Europe’s Combat Arms staff, effective immediately or at a time determined by Nexon Europe, which may include without limitation:

  • Temporary account suspension
  • Permanent account suspension
  • Character/account modification, including without limitation, e.g. renaming a character, reducing or removing experience points, reducing or removing in-game currency or items; or
  • Temporary or permanent account access suspension

Without limiting the foregoing, our Combat Arms team reserves the right to decline service to any user who violates the Terms of Use, the Code of Conduct or the End User License Agreement.
If you want to file a report for any of the following reasons

  please do so in the appropriate forum section.

Due to the severity of some of the aforementioned changes regarding the graveness of infractions, we have decided to review past account suspensions based on our new rule set and to remove the account suspension if the suspension did not line up with our new rule set or was in a grey area. Any account affected by this will receive an e-mail notification about a revoked account suspension until 14.1.2017.

Last but not least we want to thank you all for remaining loyal to Combat Arms and staying with us all those years.

Here’s to a great year 2017 in Combat Arms!

Your Combat Arms Team