Operation Janus Beta Phase 2 is live!



The time has come to fully experience the future of Combat Arms! From 23.02.2017 through 09.03.2017, you’ll be able to get a detailed look at all the new features that will #makeCAgreatagain!

This Beta phase is open to all players, so jump in right now, check out all the new features and even obtain great rewards for doing so! 
The current Beta status and update history can be found here.

Important Facts about the Beta
- This Beta gives you access to all important Operation Janus features:
   The new Matchmaking System, updated User Interface and updated Graphics Engine.
Ranked and Normal Matchmaking are available. The normal matchmaking places you in matches
  according to your previous performance. Ranked matchmaking works similarly, but you earn ranking
  points for playing matches.  
- As opposed to the previous phase, this test takes place on separate servers. You will, therefore, have to
  create a new character upon login and you won’t be able to play with players playing the regular
  Combat Arms.
- Your Beta character and progress will be deleted after the end of the beta. Progress will not be
   transferred to your existing Combat Arms account. You can, however, receive great rewards on
    your existing Combat Arms character by participating in the Beta with this new test character.
- As your Beta character is completely separate from your existing character, no Nexon Cash shop will be
  available and the Nexon Cash balance displayed in the Beta may not reflect your actual account
- The clan system, note system and messenger system won’t be available during the Beta.

Accessing the Beta
If you didn’t participate in the previous Beta test or uninstalled the Combat Arms Test version after the last Beta test, please download the Combat Arms Test version via the Nexon Launcher:
1. Log into the Nexon Launcher
2. Find and click on the Combat Arms Test tile and select “Game Page” or click this link:

3. Download the game via the “Play Now” button:

4. Press “Play” to play the game!
If you participated in the previous Beta test and did not uninstall Combat Arms Test, please navigate to the already installed Combat Arms Test version and click “Play” in order to update and play.
Feedback and Rewards
- You will receive a free MYST-Weapon on your existing (non-beta) character by participating in our
survey (German / Turkish / ItalianPolish version).
   Please note that rewards will only be given to players who participated in the Beta before taking the survey.
- Please share bugs you find, as well as issues you come across and your suggestions via the dedicated
   User InterfaceMatchmaking and Graphics Engine forums.
- If you’d like to exchange opinions with other players, please use the dedicated forum.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the Beta!

Best regards,
Combat Arms Team