Operation Janus Beta 2nd Phase - Patch Notes 28.2.2017

Dear Soldiers,

We want to thank you all for participating in our still ongoing Operation Janus Beta so far. With so much feedback from your side to go on, there already are some changes that will be applied during today’s maintenance.

Additionally, we want you to keep in mind that our Operation Janus Beta event rewards will be given to players who played and helped us test the beta. Players who are only entering the matchmaking for the rewards and remain AFK in the following match will not receive any participation rewards at the end of the beta phase. Any data related to your player behavior will be evaluated once the Operation Janus Beta has been closed and we reserve the right to exclude characters with suspicious match data from receiving the announced rewards.

Patch Notes 28.2.2017:


- crosshair colour has been changed from orange to green
- Search and Destroy has been added as a mode for Ranked Matchmaking
- the required rank to be eligible for Ranked Matchmaking has been increased to 10 (instead of 5)
- a match chat (on top of team chats) has been added to Ranked Matches
- custom settings for the “Play with Bots” mode have been added
- the score to be achieved in matchmaking matches has been lowered by 50% (e.g. kills to be achieved by a team in Elimination have been lowered from 140 to 70)
- a “home” button has been added to the lobby menu
- various UI improvements have been applied

-  a bug causing  wrongly displayed inventory details has been fixed
- a bug causing players to adapt another player’s name has been fixed
- a bug causing occasional UI flickering has been fixed

Best regards,
the Combat Arms Team