Operation Janus: Phase 3 - Open Beta is now live! (11.5. - 15.5.2017)

Attention, Soldiers!

Operation Janus: Phase 3 is now live!

We invite you take up your arms, try out our newest game build and let us know what you think of the process so far! The road to an improved Combat Arms has taken some unexpected turns while we have been tirelessly working on it and your help is needed to add some final touches.

Let's have a quick look at how you can access Operation Janus: Phase 3.

Accessing the Beta
If you didn’t participate in the previous Beta test or uninstalled the Combat Arms Test version after the last Beta test, please download the Combat Arms Test version via the Nexon Launcher:
1. Log into the Nexon Launcher
2. Find and click on the Combat Arms Test tile and select “Game Page” or click this link.

3. Download the game via the “Play Now” button:

4. Press “Play” to play the game!
If you participated in the previous Beta test and did not uninstall Combat Arms Test, please navigate to the already installed Combat Arms Test version and click “Play” in order to update and play.
Have fun!
The Combat Arms Team