Twelve mission types are available.

Hired Guns

Hired Guns is a unique team vs. team mode in which each player has the ability to hire and control NPC mercenaries to help you achieve objectives and defeat the other team. Each team may have up to eight players and can earn funds to hire mercenaries.


G: Open the "Hire Mercenary" screen
H: Issue Mercenary Orders
Follow me: Mercs will follow you closely but won't fight enemies.
Go Go Go: Mercs will follow closely but will stop and attack enemies on sight.
Hold Position: Mercs will not move from their current position and will attack enemies on sight.

Blood Money

In dealing with the multi-national hydra called NEMEXIS, Command believes that they can deal a devastating blow to the corporation by stealing the gold reserves the company uses to secure credit lines from an international bank. Unfortunately, NEMEXIS has learned about this operation and are offering a reward to a mercenary team to secure the gold before it is stolen. You've got to make it into the bank, use your hired mercenary force to secure the facility, and take your prize before the other merc team can get to it!

Rounds end when all gold has been secured or when the timer runs out. Points are earned by securing gold at your teams' spawn location, or through killing members of the other team. The first team to win the set number of rounds will win the match.


Fireteam is a cooperative mission in which your team of up to eight players plays against computer controlled enemies. Fallen enemies will drop ammunition and health packs that you can pick up. Your health and ammunition will also be replenished by reaching checkpoints within the mission. If you die, you will respawn when your teammates advance to the next checkpoint.

There are currently four missions available for Fireteam:


After significant intelligence gathering, we have located the terrorist mastermind codenamed "Z" who is planning a massive attack on a civilian target. To stop the terrorists, you're being sent in to investigate what is believed to be the main terrorist base of operations. If you can find the person we believe to be Z, we would like him captured alive, if possible. Locate the suspect in this labyrinthine city, obtain the attack information, and stop the terrorist attack.

You will have to clear four sectors to successfully complete Operation: Desert Fox. You will have to make a choice during this mission. You can capture the terrorist known as "Z" alive and extract the intel you require to make safe passage through the remaining sectors, or you can kill him and figure out your own way to survive. Either way, you'll have to scour buildings and vehicles for information, take out anti-air artillery, and catch a helicopter out of the area, all while defending against the most skilled and deadly terrorists in the world.


Previous efforts have failed to eliminate a population infected with a deadly virus. As a result, a large scale incineration operation was enacted on the infected town in the hopes of stopping the virus' spread. When scouts were sent to investigate the area though, they discovered an old abandoned mine that had not been touched by the incineration operation. Unfortunately, that means that the people who had hidden below the ground in an attempt to escape the Infected have become Infected themselves. Now, an elite bomb squad has been dispatched to destroy all of the remaining Infected in the mine shaft and seal off the area.

The Infected will attack in a series of rounds, each increasingly more difficult. Eliminate all the Infected and complete the objectives in order to proceed to the next round. Complete all rounds before the timer runs out in order to win the mission.

There are three difficulty settings available for Black Lung: Normal, Hard, and Extreme. Each difficulty setting opens up a new set of objectives you must protect and new locations from which the Infected can enter the mine. When playing on the Hard and Extreme settings, you are transferred to the cavern level at the end of round 6. The number of rounds increases in higher difficulty modes.

Difficulty Objectives to Defend Number of Rounds
Normal Activate: Generator Protect: Control Center 6
Hard Activate: Generator(s)
Destory: Elevator
Protect: Control Center 9
Extreme Activate: Generator(s)
Destory: Elevator
Protect: Control Center(s) 12


You've escaped the underground NEMEXIS research center with a virus sample! Unfortunately, you're now being hunted by hordes of Infected that are mutating into new and deadlier forms. Desperately fending off their attacks, you take refuge in an abandoned shack. The rotting corpses of the Infected surround the building with poisonous gas, leaving you with nowhere to run. You must survive this nightmare as you wait for the rescue team to arrive.

The Infected will attack in a series of rounds, each round increasingly more difficult. Eliminate all the Infected in order to proceed to the next round. Complete all rounds before the timer runs out in order to win the mission.

There are three difficulty settings available for Cabin Fever: Normal, Hard, and Extreme. Each difficulty setting opens up a new floor from which the Infected can enter the building. When playing on the Hard and Extreme settings, the basement is accessible starting on round 11. On the Extreme setting, the second floor is also accessible starting on round 16. The number of rounds also increases with higher difficulty levels.

Difficulty Floor Access Number of Rounds
Normal Ground Floor 10
Hard Ground Floor,
Basement (Available starting on Round 11)
Extreme Ground Floor,
Basement (Available starting on Round 11),
2nd Floor (Available starting on Round 16)


Mogadishu's military warlord (codename: Sand Hog) is suspected of illegally supplying weapons to nearby countries and has been placed on the UAF's expulsion list. The local government has refused to take action until UAF headquarters provides concrete evidence. An infiltration team was sent in three days ago and had signaled that they had obtained some vital intel, but failed to make it to the extraction point. Your mission is to retrieve the intel and, if possible, find and rescue the infiltration team.

This mission unfolds in multiple stages. HQ will transmit information on your mission as it progresses. These transmissions can be seen on the lower middle part of the screen. Target indicators (which look like downward facing triangles) will also show up on your HUD to guide you to your objectives. Your current and completed objectives are summarized on the upper left corner of the screen. Mission and objective timers are displayed in the upper middle portion of the screen underneath your score counter. Complete all of the stages before the mission timer runs out in order to win the mission.


The Fireteam Mode Desert Thunder Map is divided into four sectors:

  • Sector 1 - Insertion route
  • Sector 2 - The Temple
  • Sector 3 - The Road
  • Sector 4 - The Town

Seize And Secure

Your mission in seize and secure is to activate the flag trigger on the flagpole in the middle of the map and raise your team's flag to the top. In order to win, one team must keep the flag raised on the flagpole for two consecutive minutes and defend it against the other team. If the other team manages to seize the flagpole and raise their flag, they must then defend it for two consecutive minutes.

Every second that each team has their flag on the flagpole contributes to that team's total points. If at the end of the match neither team has successfully defended the flag for two minutes, the team holding the flagpole is awarded 50 bonus points, and the team with the most points wins.

Mini Missions

Mini Missions are small tasks given during a mission. Complete these missions and you will receive an extra EXP and GP bonus! There are over 30 potential missions that can be assigned to you, and there is no penalty if you do not complete the mission. The reward however, is designed to be worth it.

Training Grounds

This is an optional training mission for new soldiers. Soldiers may repeat the Training Grounds Mission as many times as they wish, but will only receive a reward the first time they complete the training. You will enter the actual battlefield upon successful completion of the training.

Bombing Run

Each round, teams will battle to capture a bomb, plant it at a designated position, and detonate it. The other team will be defending the site and trying to steal the bomb back. The team that achieves their objective by detonating or defusing the bomb wins the round. The team that reaches the set number of round victories first wins the match!

One Man Army (Individual Deathmatch)

Everyone is your enemy! Each enemy kill earns you one point. When the preset kill limit is reached, the player with the most kills wins.


In Last Man Standing, each player has only one life per round to kill everyone else before time runs out. To win the round, you must be the last man standing. This will earn you one point. To win the game, you must be the player with the highest number of points.

Quarantine Mode Regen

The physiological stress and fatigue caused by the ongoing war has had soldiers deserting in droves and depressed the morale of those remaining. In a secret project to boost morale and help soldiers last longer in the field, a group of high ranking officers contracted NEMEXIS to produce a new stamina drug.

During the final tests, one test subject had an abnormal reaction to the drug. It gave him boosted speed, stamina, and resistance to damage, but also left him a mindless killer. Unfortunately, the subject's blood became a carrier of the mutated drug, causing anyone killed by the subject to become one of the Infected. Fortunately, the only other Infected was killed by the facility's security team and the staff was then evacuated and the place shut down. Now an infiltration mission has been sent to retrieve the drug sample and kill the Infected test subject.


  • Infected Team: Your mission is to infect as many humans as possible. Hit a human with a melee attack in order to infect them. Infect all humans to win the mission.
  • Human Team: Your mission is to survive. You survive either when the mission timer runs out or you destroy all of the Infected.

Spy Hunt

The plans for a top secret weapon of mass destruction have been found... and lost! The data was divided into three intel cases for safekeeping and sent with five couriers to be delivered to an anonymous buyer. Unfortunately, all five couriers were killed when passing through a local seaside village and the intel was lost. Now the buyer is offering top dollar for anyone who can retrieve all three cases. As a result, a peaceful seaside town has become a war zone as competing mercenaries crawl over the village trying to collect the intel and kill their rivals. The object is simple: beat all the other players to the cases and transmit the data to the buyer!

There are two phases to Spy Hunt.


Every player starts off as a Mercenary and must scramble to collect all five intel cases. When a player picks up one of the intel cases, he or she becomes a Spy. The Mercs need to hunt down Spies and recover the intel they're carrying.

Hunt down Spies and recover the Intel they're carryin

As a Spy, you will no longer be able see the positions of your former Merc teammates, who will now be hunting you to take the intel you've picked up! You will however be able to see the positions of any other Spies who are carrying other intel cases. As a Spy, you must hunt down and kill the other Spies to take their intel!

If a Spy is killed, they will drop any intel cases they were carrying and will respawn as a Merc. Once one Spy collects all 5 intel cases, that player becomes a Super Spy and the game enters sudden death!


During Sudden Death, it's the Super Spy versus all other players with no more respawns!

The player acting as the Super Spy must reach the Spy Transmitter to upload the combined intel. As a Merc, you must coordinate with your teammates to take down the Super Spy or prevent the transmission of the intel until the time runs out.

In addition to the weapon plans, intel cases also contain special weaponry and gear for the Super Spy to defend the secret data! This gear includes:

  • Advanced Armor (500 AP)
  • M134 Minigun (with 900 rounds)
  • M136 Rocket Launcher (with 10 rockets)
  • RMS12 Flamethrower (unlimited ammo)

The game ends when all the Mercs are dead, the Super Spy has been killed, or the intel has been transmitted.

Capture The Flag

The enemy's flag is a symbol of pride and it's up to you to take it from them!

Both Team Alpha and Team Bravo have a flag near their spawn points. Each team must infiltrate the enemy's base, pick up the enemy flag, and bring it back to their own flag to successfully capture it and score a point. Additionally, your own flag must be at its starting base location in order for you to successfully capture the enemy flag. Don't forget to defend your own base as the other team will be trying to do the same thing!

If your team's flag is taken by the enemy, killing the enemy flag-taker will cause your flag to drop at the location of his or her death. Touch your dropped flag to return it back to your base. A dropped flag can also be picked up again by another enemy player. The team that reaches the set goal limit first wins the match. Should time run out, the team with the most flag captures will be the winner.

Elimination (Team Deathmatch)

This mode pits Team Alpha against Team Bravo in a contest to see which squad can achieve the most kills first. Each enemy kill rewards the team with one point. The first team to the preset kill goal wins the match!


Each player has only one life per round. The goal is to kill all members of the opposing team before time runs out to win the round and score a point. To win the game, your team must reach the kill goal before the enemy can.

Search & Destroy

The clock is ticking... literally. Each round, one team must plant and detonate a bomb at the target site while the other team defends the site. The team that achieves their objective, either by detonating or defusing the bomb or by wiping out the opposing team, wins the round. The team that reaches the set number of round wins first wins the match!

  • To plant the bomb, approach either of the two target sites, and press E.
  • To defuse the bomb, find the bomb after it has been planted, and press E.