The Shop is where you can build and acquire new weapons that can't be found anywhere else in the game. Create new guns by combining regular weapons with Forging Hardware (FH) that you'll acquire by completing Jobs (special missions that are completed in a match) or by spinning the Wheel of Fate after completing a match. Welcome, and let's get started, soldiers!

In the Shop, directly purchasable items in Combat Arms are also found, including most of the massive arsenal of Combat Arms Weapons! Items can be purchased for GP, which is earned through in-game play, or Nexon Cash, which can be charged via PayPal, credit card or other sources.
Either use the Search Bar to search for an item by name, or use the filter tab to narrow things down so you can browse through the Shop. Filter categories include:

  • HOT:

    Items on sale, new weapons, and other popular content is placed here. It's the best place to see what's new and interesting in the Shop!
  • NEW:

    The New section contains all recently released items.

    Contains all non-specialist weapons, sorted into Primary, Secondary, Melee, and Support categories.
  • GEAR:

    Contains all equipable gear that can be used to boost your stats and give you a leg up in combat. Items are sorted into the Character, Head, Face, Uniform, Vest, and Backpack slots.

    All of the items in the Cosmetic category, when equipped, are displayed over the equipped gear for that slot, instead of giving a stat boost of their own. Items are sorted into the Character, Head, Face, Vest and Backpack slots.

    All Specialist items, weapons, licenses, characters and abilities are all contained here, sorted into two categories: The Operatives and the Assassins.

    This category contains a wide variety of other items, such as Function Items like an improve reticule for your HUD, a Supply Case that contains a random weapon at a huge discount, Abilities which give your character a little extra boost of power, and Set Items, Packages that contain multiple items for a discount.

    Most weapons allow you to add on Suppressors, Scopes, or Magazine modifications to make them more effective, and this is the place to get them. Modifications are sorted by weapon type.
  • CLAN:

    Show your clan's colors with these specialized Clan items. Most of these are only usable by players in a clan, and some only by the clan's leader.


In this part of the Shop, you can use Forging Hardware (FH) to take a GP or NX-Standard weapon and turn it into something you can only get at the Shop.

Using the Forge:

  • - Click on the Forging Recipe drop-down list and select a recipe to find out what you need to craft it.
  • - If you have all the needed parts, click on the Forge button in order to craft that new weapon!
  • - Forging Hardware can be obtained by the Wheel of Fate and through the Jobs screen.
  • - Only certain weapons can be used in the Forge. However any weapon displayed in the Forging inventory window is eligible to be forged.


The Customization section of the Shop will allow you to add special customization components to some existing weapons which will alter some aspect of their stats.

To Customize a weapon:

  • - Select the weapon you'd like to Customize from the "Weapon Select" drop-down list.
  • - Only certain weapons can be Customized. However any weapon displayed in the Customization Inventory window is eligible to be Customized.
  • - Eligible weapons will have a number of "customization slots." These slots determine how many customizations can be placed on a weapon. Warning! Whether or not a customization succeeds or fails, Customization Parts will be used up.
  • - Select the slot you would like to customize from the Customization Slot.
  • - Select what level you would like to upgrade the weapon's slot to.
  • - The results of the proposed customization are visible next to the selected weapon.
  • - The higher level you customize to, the more Customization Parts will be required.
  • - If desired, you can use GP to boost the odds of getting a successful Customization.
  • - Click the "Customize" button to customize your weapon!
  • Note the probability of success is displayed in the upper right next to your weapon. Failure results in the loss of the Customization Parts. You will not lose the original weapon or the Customization Slot, however.

Wheel of Fate

Any time you complete a Combat Arms match that fulfills the following criteria, you'll see the Wheel of Fate pop up.

Mode Minimum Required Goal Setting Players Required at the End of Normal Match Players Required at End of Elite Moderator Match Players Required at End of Super Elite Moderator Match
Elimination 100 Kills 16 14 12
Elimination Pro 6 Rounds 16 14 12
Search and Destroy 5 Rounds 16 14 12
Fireteam - - - -
One Man Army 30 Kills 16 14 12
Capture the Flag 5 Points 16 14 12
Spy Hunt 12 Minutes 16 14 12
Quarantine Regen 7 Rounds 16 14 12
Last Man Standing 5 Rounds 16 14 12
Bombing Run 5 Rounds 16 14 12
Seize and Secure 12 Minutes 16 14 12

How to use the Wheel of Fate :

- Shoot one of the 12 spots on the outside of the wheel.
- Note: If you don't select a spot within ten seconds, one will be selected randomly.
- The Wheel of Fate will spin.
- You'll win whatever item that ends up next to your selected spot.
Weapon Hardware are advanced components that you'll use in the Shop to modify GP and NX-Standard weapons. Use it or lose it? Not here. Weapon Hardware will remain available to you until you use it on a weapon.
Gun components come in two types:

Forging Hardware: These components can be used in the Forge to transform a GP or NX-Standard weapon into a special weapon found nowhere else in Combat Arms.
Customization Items: These components can be used to customize existing weapons. these components have a chance of improving the weapon's base characteristics.